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Leave Your Ex in the Past for Good - Online Privacy Solutions

Leave Your Ex in the Past for Good

Leave Your Ex in the Past for Good

For years, I have heard the horror stories of celebrities and strangers but never thought something like this would happen to me. Everything seems like roses and daisies when you date someone who appears to be attentive, charming, and charismatic; but things change, people change. After ending a controlling and threatening relationship, I decided to change jobs, uproot my belongings, and start fresh in another state where I could begin a new chapter of my life. Everything seemed great for months until my ex started calling my cellphone every day, multiple times a day.

At first, I thought this “unknown” number was a solicitor or maybe even a prank caller. This phone caller stayed persistent and even started calling my new place of work. On many occasions, I would answer the call to tell him to stop and leave me alone, but this seemed to spark further desire to contact me. I thought hmm… maybe someone we mutually know gave my ex my updated phone number? That did not add up because I only told my parents and limited friends of my new contact information. Although the phone calls were extremely annoying, I tried not to show any attention to them or make it a big deal.

Until one day, my ex appeared at my front door with flowers and candy. Sure, this seems like an innocent gesture from a past lover, but honestly, I was creeped out! I had no idea how he got ahold of my direct phone number or how he located the address of my new home. This crossed the line and I became fearful because I obviously no longer wanted to have any contact with him (hence moving hundreds of miles away).

I began some research and little did I know that a simple Google search of my name brought up several online background check websites that were available for free or just a small fee. The scariest part about these websites is that they are completely legal and accessible to basically anyone around the world. Websites such as peekyou.com, instantcheckmate.com, or beenverified.com are all popular websites to search people and their public records with very little information needed. These services not only list your basic information like phone numbers and a current address, but also very private personal details that I thought no one could ever find out such as my criminal record, immediate family members, and access to my social networking profiles even if they were private. I was aware that everything posted on the internet stays in the cybernetwork almost permanently, but I did not know my information was so easily accessible to just anyone.

This was concerning because the harassment from my ex continued to progress to point where I feared for my safety on a daily-basis. This never would have happened if these background check websites never released my information to the public, so I decided to explore my options. I came across Online Privacy Solutions who assisted in removing my information from online databases. Their services were very affordable and totally worth it because not only can crazy exes no longer can access my new whereabouts, but potential employers and landlords cannot locate any information about me either.

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