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About Online Privacy Solutions

Online background check sites are inexpensive and readily accessible to potential employers, lenders, landlords, family and friends. Running these types of checks has become more and more routine for both business and personal reasons. Online Privacy Solutions helps you take control but you must act now to do something about it. Our number one priority is to help you keep your personal information private.

Our History

Online Privacy Solutions was born out of the simple premise that an individual’s personal information should not be available for anyone to purchase for a few dollars on the Internet – you should be able to control and have a say in your privacy. Online Privacy Solutions is here to help. Our services remove your personal and private information from some of the most popular background check websites and databases, including Intelius, Been Verified, and many others. These sites are commonly used by employers, landlords, romantic interests and others that you may encounter in life. Online Privacy Solutions has established itself as the go-to service for removal of personal and private information from publicly available sources on Internet.


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