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Online Privacy Solutions | Keep Personal Information Private

Protect and Remove Your Personal
and Private Information

From the Background Check Sites
and Databases That Matter Most



Online Privacy Solutions keeps your personal information private.

You are probably well aware that whenever you lease or buy a vehicle, obtain a credit card, or apply for a mortgage, you need to answer questions to verify your employment, credit worthiness, and related sensitive information. You authorize these third-parties to view your personal details through a national, restricted database as a part of the qualification process for a desired outcome. What you may not know is that the bulk of this information is also available in pieces to virtually anyone. Private companies either buy this information from “wholesalers” or internally combine it and then release it via the internet to whomever is willing to pay for it.

At this very moment, your neighbors, family members, significant other, co-workers, and anyone else with prying eyes can access your personal information instantaneously through a quick online search and payment of a nominal fee. Some of the most commonly searched private information includes, but is not limited to, your net worth, current and past addresses, arrest history, previous marriages, and much more.

If you don’t want your personal information accessible to the world, Online Privacy Solutions is here to help. We provide privacy protection services that allow you to take control of your online information by shielding you from databases that make your entire life publicly available.

It’s important to note that Online Privacy Solutions is not a legal service and depending on specific circumstances there may be some instances where information cannot be removed from your record, and will always be accessible by authorized parties like employers and lenders. Online Privacy Solutions can, however, protect your personal information so that it is not displayed on the most widely used public information databases to your neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, overseas scammers, identity thieves, online stalkers, etc.

At Online Privacy Solutions, we believe that you should be in control of what information you decide to share with the world around you.  Online Privacy Solutions: keep your personal information private.


*See Terms of Website Use and Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

Some information can be removed within days while removal from other databases can take longer.  Through our online client portal, you will have instant access to updates on the status of our services and we will notify you when the process is complete.  After we have completed the initial removal of private information, we provide ongoing monitoring and audits to help keep your personal information private!

What information is on the Internet that I should have removed?

For most people, pretty much all their private information is out there on the web and easily accessible.  For example, your personal email(s), phone number(s), addresses (current and former), pictures from social media sites, criminal records (if applicable), your family members and personal ties and more!  Do you really want anyone with a credit card to have access to this information?  A lot of these websites cost less than $10 to access!

Can Online Privacy Solutions completely remove my criminal record from the Internet?

Our services are not legal services like an expungement, expunction or criminal record sealing.  Online Privacy Solutions helps to protect your privacy by eliminating your personal information from approximately 40 of the most widely used background check websites and databases, which can include details of your criminal history, but we cannot get rid of the underlying information and records that these databases use.  Online Privacy Solutions cannot guarantee that reports of your criminal record will be completely removed from the Internet, but our services can make your records much harder to find and markedly improve your chances of passing a background check.

How does it work?

Online Privacy Solutions has proprietary processes in place to remove your personal information from background check sites, databases and other websites that have your personal information listed and accessible to anyone with a credit card.  Once you are signed up, we get started on your privacy protection.  It’s easy!

Is Online Privacy Solutions identity theft monitoring?

Online Privacy Solutions is not identity theft monitoring, but one of the benefits of our service is that it can help prevent criminals, identity thieves and cyberstalkers from obtaining private information about you that can be used to steal your identity, find out where you live, find out where you work, etc…  Online Privacy Solutions can help to protect your personal information from being exposed to everyone online and falling into the wrong hands.

How will Online Privacy Solutions benefit me?

Online Privacy Solutions will help remove your private information from some of the biggest and most widely used online search databases and websites on the Internet. We can help protect your privacy from your neighbors, family members, co-workers, criminals and anyone else with prying eyes.  Use of our services can help prevent criminals,  identity thieves and cyberstalkers from obtaining private information about you.  Our services can even help reduce the amount of spam and junk mail you receive at home and in your e-mail by removing your e-mail address and mailing address from certain websites as well. Your information should be yours to share, not someone else’s to take. Keep it that way.

What do you need from me to get started?

To start the process, all we need from you is your full legal name, a list of the places you have lived, a photocopy of your drivers license or other acceptable identification, your date of birth, and payment. All of this information is submitted through our sign-up process or can be submitted at a later date as needed.  Our plans start as low as $12.99 per month* and our fees are fully inclusive of all costs!

Which websites/databases will my personal information be removed from?

We help to remove your personal information from these websites and databases*:

  • Advanced Background Checks
  • Background File Check
  • Been Verified
  • Criminal Audit
  • eLookup
  • ID True
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Intellius
  • Jail Alert
  • Jail Base
  • LexisNexis
  • LiveRamp
  • Look up Anyone
  • Peek You
  • People Finders
  • People Lookup
  • People Search Now
  • People Smart
  • People Wise
  • Persopo
  • Phone Detective
  • PIPL
  • Private Eye
  • Public Background Checks
  • Public Records
  • Public Records 360
  • Public Records Now
  • Radaris
  • Spoke
  • Spokeo
  • Tower Data
  • Truth Finders
  • United States Background Checks
  • US Identify
  • US People Records
  • US Search
  • USA People Search
  • Veromi
  • Zaba Search
  • ZoomInfo
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